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The 5 Most Expensive Cars To Insure

Car insurance is a necessary expense for those of us who drive. What a statement. You are probably thinking, wow, what an obvious thing to say. Cars tend to be a never ending burden on our wallets. From the monthly payments, gas and maintenance, to the dreaded car insurance.

However, for those of us that consider our cars prized possessions, it can really get expensive when we start talking about adding family members, insuring multiple cars, drivers under the age of 21 or 25 but we can really start talking about big bucks, when we involve the type of car we are insuring and trust me, that flashy sports car is really going to cost you.

Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG

The Countdown

Now the average American driver isn’t out cruising around in a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but for those lucky few it doesn’t come cheap. Using national averages, we have conjured a list of the top five most expensive cars to insure in the US:

5. Mercedes G55 AMG costs an average of approximately $3000 a year to insure.

4. Porsche 911 Carerra S Coupe costs an average of approximately $3100 a year to insure.

3. Aston Martin DB9 costs an average of approximately $3200 a year to insure.

2. BMW 750Li costs an average of approximately $3300 a year to insure.

And last but certainly not least our number one spot of most expensive car to insure in the United States is:

1. Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG costing an average of approximately $3600 a year to insure.

Now the average cost to insure any of the vehicles above, assumes the insurance covers an individual, experienced driver with a fantastic record. Imagine the cost if you add your 18 year old son to the insurance plan! Continue reading

Fleet Insurance: Make Sure You Get The Right Cover!

Insurance premiums can be very expensive when a company opts to insure all the vehicles they have individually. In order to save money, it is prudent for the management to buy a fleet insurance policy for all the vehicles that they operate and save a lot of money on premiums. The paperwork is also reduced which translates to saving of time that could have been lost going through the papers in the insurance process.

Insurance cover for a number of vehicles that an individual or a company may own can be very expensive when every vehicle is insured on its own. This is where the fleet insurance cover becomes essential because it reduces the cost of the premiums, as the fleet owner will only have to pay a single premium for all the vehicles in operation. Another good thing about this kind of insurance is that individual vehicles can have different level of coverage even though the premium is one. The insurance company on the other hand has an easy time in handling claims with effectiveness and efficiency.

fleet insurance policy

The Things to Consider

Before you embark on purchasing a fleet insurance cover, you will have to determine the number of vehicles you want to insure. You will need to check if the make and models of your cars are covered in the policy that you are planning to buy. Most automotive insurers will consider a fleet to be made up of at least for vehicles, while a few of them will cover 2 vehicles under the fleet insurance policy. There are major insurers who will only insure companies that have large numbers of vehicles.

Restrictions from Some Companies

There are various restrictions when you want to insure a fleet of vehicles under one policy. An example of such restrictions is where some companies will only allow a company to buy the fleet insurance policy if the vehicles to be insured are all of the same type and meet the insurer’s specifications. Continue reading