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How to Pick the Best Holiday Destination for a Driving Holiday

It is not always easy deciding which destination to take a holiday. If you want to do a lot of driving on holiday, it can be even more difficult to choose where could be the best place. You want to find a way to tell what the experience will be like even if you have little or no experience. This is why OSV Ltd have carried out some research on the subject. They are an independent vehicle specialist and compiled data in order that they could compare countries on their driving experience.

In order to make this comparison they looked at a selection of factors. These factors included things like the price of fuel, condition of the road, pollution & congestion, road trips, road deaths per 1,000 capita and driving rules enforcement. They scored each country on these things and added up the scores so that they could come up with an overall score and then rank the countries from best to worst. The results were actually quite surprising. Continue reading

What to do if your car fails an MOT test

Many people assume that if your car fails an MOT you have to get it repaired right away with that particular garage that tested your car but you actually have a few options available. We will start by going back to the beginning and looking at when you booked your MOT.

You are allowed to get your car MOT tested up to a month prior to the current MOT expiry date, the new MOT will also be matched to the same date as the current expiry date so you gain additional time on your MOT certificate. The system has now changed making everything computerised so you don’t need any of your old certificates although they are beneficial to keep for when you come to sell the car, you can find more information about an MOT from here.

MOT test

You may have already known about the month period that you can get your car tested which means you know there is no need to panic if your car fails its MOT. Unless your car is really bad and the MOT tester reports it as not roadworthy then you can still drive your car until the MOT expiration date. This allows you to look elsewhere to get the repair work done for a better price, you can then return to the MOT testing station to claim your free re-test. Continue reading

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Dreams!

Pop up stores are taking over social media, but what if you could combine that format with a food truck? When it comes to unlocking your entrepreneurial dreams, sometimes you have to take big risks in order to have a dream you’ve held onto for your whole life. Van Monster has put out a cool infographic on the realities of building a food truck and even using a used van to get started. You may have to do some DIY to get it up and running, and there will be laws and regulations that you’ll need to look into. But at the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it. Check it out!


Will Showrooms change due to Inchcape Volkswagen’s Bold Wager

Competition is naturally high between showrooms, with every dealership hoping to get not just new customers, but make sure that regular ones get the service they need. It’s a balancing act: lean too much on new customers, and loyal ones feel like you’re ignoring them. Go too far in the other direction, and new customers might not feel like you’re equipped to truly focus on them. But Inchcape Volkswagen seems to understand this delicate balance, because the evidence is clear through the construction of their new high tech facility. It sits on over 1.6 acres of land just west of central London, making it a very impressive facility indeed. But it’s not just the exterior that’s catching attention; it’s all of the features found within.

Inchcape Volkswagen showroom

From the minute you walk in, you notice things are different. Four floors are dedicated to showcasing all things Volkswagen. The staff hands out tablets to customers to give them control over their shopping experience. They can search through a nationwide database without leaving the facility and spending the extra petrol driving around to each store.

There are twenty-eight service bays on site, all staffed with super knowledgeable technicians that will be more than happy to answer questions as well as handle repairs efficiently.

It’s clear that there are a lot of lessons that other showrooms can learn from this newly constructed site. Given that customer feedback has been so positive, is this a sign that Inchcape Volkswagen’s gamble is paying off? More to the point, will others follow in their footsteps? While the construction cost was far from cheap, the long term effects will surely be positive.

As a nod to the overall green energy initiative, solar energy collection measures are enforced, and rainwater collection helps irrigate a beautiful vertical garden. It’s these little touches that indicate how well this showroom has prepared to truly stand out in the marketplace.

New Driver – Check Out These International Driving Laws

Sometimes new drivers write to us because we’re well known for being super car enthusiasts. We love driving because it truly is one of the most stress relieving activities. Of course, that isn’t to say that there aren’t complications when you’re dealing with being on the open road and handling other drivers. A defensive stance on driving is truly the best stance, especially if you want to keep car insurance premiums as low as possible. We reached out to the great team at Northgate to pull in more facts about driving laws around the road. So the next time you feel like complaining about the driving laws, think about these new ones and count your blessings!

International Driving Laws

1. You Better Bring Hay

You probably aren’t pulling a horse and carriage combo anytime soon, but if you decided to get a little too vintage for your own good, you’d have to abide by UK law that states a driver of a hackney must have hay and oats for the horses. To us this one isn’t totally crazy, as horses do need food. Haven’t you been hungry on the road? We’re sure you can see our point.

2. Breathalyzers For All

The Eiffel Tower is worth seeing in person, but if you ever wanted to drive through the French countryside, you’d need to carry a breathalyzer. Yes, that means that every single French citizen you see on the roads has one in their car, just in case. Maybe the wine really is too potent?

3. No Speed Limits? (Only in THIS Place!)

It’s actually against the law to stop on the German motorway, also known as the autobahn. There are no speed limits and you cannot break down on the side of the road. Somehow, the German drivers seem to do just fine, and they get where they want to go without too many accidents. How interesting!

4. Don’t Go Topless (Men Included!)

If you want to drive in Thailand, you have to make sure that you are fully dressed. The local government frowns on men and women driving topless, even though there’s always someone that thinks they can get around the rules. Don’t be that person!

Overall, not all of these driving laws are completely crazy. Some are designed to protect animals, while others are designed to promote the modesty norms of the area. Either way, if a law carries penalties for breaking it, it makes sense to be aware of it. It can be frustrating for a new driver because it feels like you’re never going to learn all of it. Trust us, it only feels that way in the beginning — it absolutely gets better with time!