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How Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Can Help You Save Money

Maintaining the right tyre pressure might not feature among the important tasks in your busy schedule, but are you aware of the ‘price’ you are paying for this?

10% to 50% of tyre tread life is lost when air pressure is not adequately maintained. This means more frequent and expensive tyre replacements. Besides, driving on underinflated tyres brings down fuel efficiency.

Maintaining the right tyre pressure saves fuel and money and increases tyre life as well. More importantly, failure to maintain adequate tyre pressure gravely increases chances of accidents due to tyre blowouts.

Tyre Pressure

How to Maintain the Right Tyre Pressure to Stay Safe and Save Money

This depends on two factors

  • An awareness of factors affecting tyre pressure

Factors that affect tyre pressure include the quality of driving, driving surface and seasonal changes. Sometimes a screw, a nail or any sharp object on the road might perforate the tyre, causing the air pressure to drop. In winter, usually the air pressure goes down one or two pounds per month, in summers the rate of air loss is much higher.

  • A Mechanism which indicates low tyre pressure

Such a mechanism is called the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS. By alerting you to low tyre pressure, so that you can remedy the issue at once, TPMS systems help you save money. This article looks at different types of TPMS systems and how they work. Continue reading

The importance of looking after Your Car Tyres

When we drive many of us do not always think to make sure that our cars are really safe before we go out. There are many things that we should be checking and arguably one of the most important is the tyres. We need to make sure that they are inflated to a safe level as well as having enough tread on them. There are legal requirements in most countries with regards to what is considered to be a safe amount of grip on a tyre and if you go below that, you could end up being fined. However, it should not just be the large fine that we are concerned about but the reason for it, which is safety. With no tread on the wheels the car could easily skid. This is particularly dangerous in ice and snow, but wet weather can also be a risk and any grease or oil on the road could also cause problems.

Car Tyres

Of course, changing tyres frequently is costly. Many people find that their cars seem to cost them lots of money and they try to do as little work as possible on the car in order to save money. However, it is worth seeing whether any of these things can be done at a cheaper price. Specifically with tyres there are several things that you can try out to see whether you can save money. Continue reading