How to Pick the Best Holiday Destination for a Driving Holiday

It is not always easy deciding which destination to take a holiday. If you want to do a lot of driving on holiday, it can be even more difficult to choose where could be the best place. You want to find a way to tell what the experience will be like even if you have little or no experience. This is why OSV Ltd have carried out some research on the subject. They are an independent vehicle specialist and compiled data in order that they could compare countries on their driving experience.

In order to make this comparison they looked at a selection of factors. These factors included things like the price of fuel, condition of the road, pollution & congestion, road trips, road deaths per 1,000 capita and driving rules enforcement. They scored each country on these things and added up the scores so that they could come up with an overall score and then rank the countries from best to worst. The results were actually quite surprising.

As may be expected by many, the USA headed the list. They scored well for road trips and fuel prices which led to them being top. However, they shared top spot with China which came second for road trips and road quality and third on fuel prices. The UK slid into third place. This was certainly not due to fuel prices, which were ninth on the list but it had the lowest number of road deaths per 1,000 capita and joint third in driving rules enforcement. Together with its third place for pollution & congestion it meant that it had a high enough score to come third overall.

Also scoring well was Germany in fourth place. This was mainly due to it coming first for congestion and second for road deaths. Australia came below them in fifth due to having the second best fuel prices and third best road trips. Then came France which was second for congestion and third for road quality. In seventh place Japan had the best road quality out of all countries and came third for road deaths and fourth for pollution and congestion.

Three countries tied for eighth place. These were South Africa, Brazil and India. India did best on fuel prices where it came fourth. Brazil ranked fifth for fuel prices as well as road trips and driving enforcement. South Africa came fourth for fuel prices and road trips.