Tesla Just Launched a Vegan Version of the Model X

Are you trying to be more socially conscious? Are you interested in vegan friendly products? Well, Tesla is trying to promote an all vegan version of the Model X, so we figured that we’d tell you all about it.

A lot of top notch cars offer all leather interiors, but very few are offering synthetic interiors that are designed to address the tastes of vegan car owners. Obviously, a vehicle has its own share of issues but Tesla has worked tirelessly on improving the details, increasing the environmental viability dramatically.

Model X tesla

Zero emission powertrains help take the pressure off the planet, still allowing us to make it to work on time without tearing the environment apart. The first color offered is “Ultra White”, and it’s an option for the Model X.

If you have been on the fence about investing in Tesla’s vehicles, you might want to check out the Model X. It’s a crossover that’s fully electric, with a driving range of over 250 miles. Seven adults can fit in this vehicle, making it not only efficient but very spacious. The Model X can go from 0-60 mph in roughly 3.2 seconds.

Tesla bills it as “the world’s safest electric SUV”, cutting the rollover risk in half. Anyone that has purchased an SUV in the last 15 years knows all about rollover risk. The way they addressed the rollover danger was through putting the battery that powers the car on the floor, changing the center of gravity. There is no gasoline tank to be found, which cuts down on the issue of fire at the accident scene. The front of the trunk is designed to absorb impacts that other vehicles wouldn’t be able to because of the design framework.

Got allergies? The Model X uses HEPA filtering technology to remove a lot of the bacteria, mold, pollen, and smoke from the air. Side impact protection is also a feature of this vehicle, keeping you from getting hit from the side and not being able to walk away from the accident.

The coolest feature would have to be the “falcon wings” on the sides, doors that lift up and outward like the wings of a bird. If that isn’t enough for you to check out the Model X, we just don’t know what would be. It’s great because the backseat passengers can get in and out easily without anyone worrying about bumping their heads on the roof.

This is a high tech car, and the interior shows this off nicely. Not only is this a car that can go 155 mph at its highest speed, but there are OTA updates to all of the onboard computer technology. There’s also free charging stations through Tesla’s network, along with a phone dock that’s easily accessible.

We think that adding a fully synthetic interior is great. Tesla is still taking reservations for the Model X, to be fulfilled by the end of 2016.